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Leather & Plastic Cleaner VS Clean & Shine: What’s the Difference?
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Malco has two marquee interior cleaning products: Leather & Plastic Cleaner, and Clean & Shine. We’re often asked what the differences are between these products and when to use them, so let’s break down these two cleaners so you can decide which is right for cleaning your leather, plastic and vinyl.

Leather & Plastic Cleaner

Leather & Plastic Cleaner was Malco’s first product and is a time-tested formula for deep cleaning your vehicle’s interior. It can be used on leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces to create a like-new clean and natural look.

Leather & Plastic is ideal for deep cleaning to remove stains and opening the pores of the vinyl or leather. It’s also preferred for those looking for a like-new appearance with a natural matte finish or for  applying a separate conditioner or protectant as a second step. This 2-step method is ideal for the detailer looking to get the best and longest lasting protection on their seats or plastic surface. After using Leather & Plastic, we recommend following up with Leather Conditioner or Leather Protectant for seats and other leather surfaces, and a water-based dressing like AquaBead on plastic surfaces.

Leather & Plastic is the more potent cleaning formula of the two and it’s important to test the product in an inconspicuous area for color fastness before application. When applying, spray onto a towel or applicator then apply to the surface. Never spray directly onto the surface.

Clean & Shine

Clean & Shine is the best one step cleaning and dressing option. Clean & Shine can be used on the same surfaces as Leather & Plastic, including leather, plastic, and vinyl. This product contains silicone and leaves a light semi-gloss sheen on the surface. If you desire a more matte look, you can decrease the gloss level by wiping the surface with a towel after application.

The one-step approach of Clean & Shine makes it ideal for detailers looking for maximum efficiency, allowing the detailer to clean and dress a surface quickly with a single product. The gloss generally won’t last as long as the dedicated dressing or conditioners that we mentioned as part of the Leather & Plastic 2-step method.  

Clean & Shine isn’t as potent a cleaner as Leather & Plastic making it a safer option for more sensitive surfaces where dye removal may be a concern. Clean & Shine should still be tested for color fastness prior to application.

Leather & Plastic and Clean & Shine both provide a versatile and powerful cleaning option for the detailer or automotive enthusiast. Both options will leave your interior surfaces with a like new look, free of dirt and other stains. It comes down to personal preference of a satin or matte appearance, and the longevity of any additional protective products or dressings you’d like to apply after.

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