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Prizm Gold (2611)

Price : $21.47

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2611 Prizm Gold Citrus Degreaser Tech Data Sheet Final
2611 Prizm Gold Sell Sheet 2021_Final
SDS Canada-2611- Prizm Gold_2021-04-28_Canadian French
SDS Canada-2611- Prizm Gold_2021-04-28_English
SDS US-2611- Prizm Gold_2021-04-28_ Mexican Spanish
SDS US-2611- Prizm Gold_2021-04-28_English
Product Details
Prizm Gold is a concentrated, non-caustic degreaser.

Designed to remove a wide variety of dirt and soils from both hard and soft surfaces. This d-limonene-based, biodegradable formula leaves surfaces film-free and is safe for vehicle interiors and exteriors, including OEM paint and aluminum.

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