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KO Wash & Wax

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1937 KO Wash Wax Tech Data Sheet
1937_KOWashWax_200305 - Ingredients
California Prop 65 - Click Here C
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SDS Canada-1937- KO Wash & Wax Concentrate_2018-5-31_English
SDS US-1937- 2018-5-31-Mexican Spanish
SDS US-1937- 2018-5-31_English
Product Details
KO Wash & Wax cleans and provides a high-gloss shine in one fast and easy step.
Advanced cleaning agents and waxes work together to remove soils and leave a rich, lustrous shine. Water sheeting protective wax provides for a spot-free finish making it ideal for lot maintenance. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
• Creates thick suds
• Powers away dirt and grime
• Economical formula
• Protective wax to sheet water away
• Leaves spot-free
• Excellent fruit scent

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