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EPIC™ Prep Wash & EPIC™ CR2 Kit

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EPIC™ Prep Wash & EPIC™ CR2 Kit rejuvenates and protects vehicle exterior finishes. This kit includes four professional grade products to add ceramic protection to your car’s finish.


This kit provides durable long-lasting ceramic protection against UV rays, water spots, fallout, brake dust, dirt, pollutants, calcium, and grime, keeping your car looking incredible for longer. 


Kit includes: 

  • EPIC Ceramic Prep Wash Concentrate (32 oz)
  • EPIC CR2 Hydro Protect (16 oz)
  • Grey Microfiber Wash Mitt (1)
  • 5 Ultra Soft Edgeless Microfiber Towels


Our EPIC™ CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray is an SiO2 ceramic spray-on formula designed to shine, protect and beautify a vehicle. It leaves a brilliant, high-gloss shine that is unparalleled and easy to maintain. 


Preparation and application is simple. Prep wash easily removes dirt and grime. Once clean, simply spray on and wipe off ceramic spray; no professional experience needed!


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