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EPIC™ Ceramic Refresher


EPIC Ceramic 4 Page Brochure
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Product Details
The EPIC™ Ceramic Refresher is a unique formula designed to complement the EPIC™ Ceramic Coating System.
This easy-to-apply spray, helps to maintain the protective properties and the gloss of the ceramic coating, keeping it durable and vibrant.

If used every 3-6 months on a fully coated vehicle, EPIC Ceramic Refresher will refresh the protective and hydrophobic characteristics of the original ceramic coating. Simply spray onto the vehicle and work it into the surface with an ultra-soft edgeless microfiber. Then wipe clean.

Ceramic Refresher can also be used as a standalone protectant, producing up to six months of durability.
How to Use the Malco® EPIC™ Ceramic Refresher
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