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Showroom Shine – Tips and Techniques for Best Results
Monday, April 04, 2011

When using a quick detailer like Malco Showroom Shine, it is important to remember what the product is intended for. A quick detailer should NOT replace regular washing and waxing. While Showroom Shine does provide some mild cleaning power, it is truly intended for removing light dust, pollen, smudges and fingerprints.

A good rule of thumb for testing whether you can get away with a quick detailer or should take a step back and wash the car is to find a dust or pollen-covered surface and blow across it. If you can see the dust or pollen move, then you can remove it with a quick detailer.

However, if the dust and dirt has gotten wet from the dew or rain and has bonded to the surface, you should consider re-washing the car. Reason being, once the dirt has bonded to the surface, you’ll likely have to press much harder to remove, making it much more likely that you’ll add micro scratches back into your vehicle’s surface. Remember, when using your quick detailer, your should glide across the vehicle’s surface with little or no pressure applied to the towel


Step 1: Fold your clean microfiber towels into fours – using this technique gives you 8 clean sections to work with and helps evenly distribute the pressure from your hand as you wipe across the vehicle’s surface.

Step 2: Working in small sections: Spray the area with Showroom Shine. Gently wipe the product onto the surface in straight lines using a clean section of your micro fiber towel.

Step 3: Flip and fold your micro fiber towel to a clean section of the towel and gently wipe the product off of the surface to remove dust, pollen and fingerprints.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the entire vehicle’s surface is treated. Be sure to switch to a new towel each time you run out of clean sections.

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