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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Malco offers a wide variety of dressings and sometimes challenging to know which to use!  

Common questions include:

Buddy Dunfee, Malco’s Technical Sales Representative helps clear the air.

Question #1:  What’s the difference between a solvent-based vs. a water-based dressing? And when should each be used?
In general, solvent-based dressings are more durable and create more shine than their water-based counterparts.  There are silicone-free, body shop safe versions of both and each type has advantages, some are listed below:

Question #2: Which dressings are ideal for interior surfaces?
Many of the Malco dressings can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, and we like our newest additions: VOC Aqua Cote™ Water-borne Dressing and a solvent-based dressing, non-VOC TireNu2™ Silicone-free Dressing.  Both are body shop safe and are perfect for dressing interior and exterior surfaces.

Question #3: How often should interiors be dressed?
Vehicle interiors should be dressed according to a regular detailing schedule.  When used full strength Aqua Cote™ can last 4-6 months, and can be diluted at 1:2 for greater economy and variable levels of gloss.

Question #4: Which dressings are ideal for tires and exterior surfaces?
Again, Aqua Cote™ is a high-performing, body-shop safe, VOC compliant dressing that can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces.  It can be diluted at 1:1 for economy, yet still produces an impressive, durable shine.

Question #5: What is a conditioning spay and what are the advantages to using it?
A ready-to-use aerosol conditioning spray protects and conditions areas that are hard to reach, helps prevent battery terminal corrosion and provides a waterproof film in hinges, springs and casters.  Try one of Malco’s Aerosol Conditioning Sprays: VOC Perfect 10™,  & Perfect 10™, SHINE-IT™ or Spray Coat.

Question #6: How can common problems like product sling and product build-up be avoided?
The best way to reduce sling AND product build up is to use an applicator to apply dressing vs. spraying it directly on surfaces.  Spraying often results in applying too much product which can cause sling and build up.
Moving a vehicle before applied dressing is dry can cause product sling.  We recommend applying a thin layer with an applicator and allow to dry before moving a vehicle.

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