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Odor Eliminating Foggers

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Available Scents

SDS US-124123- Xtrax Odor Eliminating Fogger_2017-9-5_English
SDS US-124131-MALCO CHERRY ODOR FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124132-MALCO VANILLA ODOR FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124133-MALCO LEATHER ODOR FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124134-MALCO FRESH SCENT FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124135-MALCO PINA COLADA FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124136-MALCO LEMON FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
SDS US-124137-MALCO MOUNTAIN ODOR FOGGER_2015-06-24_ English
Product Details
Can be used for total release fogging or spot spraying.

The NEW ODOR ELMINATING FOGGERS contain Ordenone™, an odor neutralizing chemical that eliminates smoke and other strong odors at their source.  

  • New scents and the option to order a variety pack
  • Can be used for total release fogging or spot spraying.
  • Deodorizes up to 6,000 cubic feet
  • 5 oz. aerosol cans

See product label for directions.

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