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Lotion Hand Cleaner
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1062 Malco Lotion Hand Cleaner Cleaner Tech Data Sheet
MSDS Canada-1062- Lotion Hand Clnr Wpumice_2016-4-11_Canadian French
SDS Canada-1021- Lotion Hand Cleaner_2017-3-28_English
SDS US -1062- Lotion Hand Clnr Wpumice_2016-4-11_English
SDS US-1062- Lotion Hand Clnr Wpumice_2016-4-11_Mexican Spanish
Product Details
Cleans the dirtiest hands without solvents or abrasives.

It contains a blend of anti-bacterial and skin care ingredients to condition the skin and guard against infection. Use it as a barrier cream before beginning work to form a protective film between shop soils and hands.

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